Private rooms had the ability to be themed with custom Walls and Floors. Options were purchasable from the Online Catalogue. Designs could be optionally colored. A Floor or Wall cost 500 Decibels.

Walls Edit

Wallpaper icon


Code name Catalogue name
tile Classic Bricks
graythreedo Homework
threegrid Sonar
zalmiag Classic Lineup
plottr Silent
disnej Fat Controller
lilacgrandma Low Rent
plates Plate Reverb
bighstripe Shack
dithastriperh Softer Shell

Floors Edit

Floor icon


Code name Catalogue name
orgun Old World Organs
karpyt Hard Carpets
indjun Grand Mother
ditlines Liner
ditgrid Mothership
basic Basic Floor
twirlee Twirly Psychedelic
phunk Phono
wooddither Time Stretch
oceanliner Ocean Liner
cahya Mouse Pad
purplecarpetswirl Carpet Tunnel
bluecarpet Hotel Style
drija Octave
woodswirl Wooden Swirl
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