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The V-ego San landing

V-Ego San, also known as "Sumo Wrestling", was a game played outside of the client. With a certain number of wins, players could receive free furni in the studios.


The gameplay of V-Ego San is similar to Rock-Paper-Scissors, but with five wrestling moves. After a player loses two out of three times, they leave the ring, and the winner keeps playing, and fights the next person in line. If a player is away during a turn, the computer chooses a move for them.


For consecutive wins, you would win Furni.[1]

Tatami Mat[]

Rice Paper Divider[]



V-ego San moves.svg

The game was designed in much the same fashion as the popular game 'Rock, Paper, Scissors', in that each move had a counter and no one move had any more chance of winning than any other.

  • Head Hit beats Flying Punch and Body Blaster.
  • Body Blaster beats Overhead Toss and Flying Punch.
  • Flying Kick beats Body Blaster and Head Hit.
  • Overhead Toss beats Head Hit and Flying Kick.
  • Flying Punch beats Flying Kick and Overhead Toss.