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I'm a CokeStudios player from 2003 and it was my first MMO. Actually, it was probably my first interaction with people over the internet. I never played CCMetro but, I hear I didn't miss much. My main account, Dill2, was still accessible until the site's removal. Actually, it is still used on MyCokeRewards, even after their reboot in 2018 (2017 maybe?). Dill2 is my 2nd longest existing account (other than the email I needed for these sites). In 2010, I started this wiki out of anticipation for a possible relaunch of the game. Nearly a decade later, the wiki pretty much serves as a basic file archive. Fandom, formerly Wikia, generally does a good job at saving obscure things online. MediaWiki sites, in general, are my go-to in 'making sure things don't get wiped from existence'.

Links Edit

Clint files Edit

Long ago, I tracked down the "Clint files". Clint created the most well-known database of Coke Music's files. Unfortunately, it's a very tricky mess of files. Look in the subreddit if you want to download this database. I was the first to re-upload this database. It eventually made its way to Rage Zone. Now, it should [HOPEFULLY] remain safe on the newest uploader's Google Drive.

Software Edit

  • Adobe Director (11?) - The little I've spent on it, this seems to be the best editor and viewer for .cct / .swf / macromedia / shockwave / flash files. In fact, I want to say its the only way to view .cct files and every public room uses that extension. Good luck on paying for it, other than the demo.
  • JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler - I'm using 11.2.0.; an extremely good handler for CokeStudios files. I would say its the only real alternative to using the real professional tools. It will also export things to a normal web file type. So, if you obtain the "Country Guitar.swf" file. It will identify that it used a compiled .mp3 file and it will allow you to decompile it back to a .mp3 file.
    • Also, apparently you can, in theory, run a flash game and you could use this to search your PC memory for the .swf files.
  • SWF File Player - A simple .swf player. Quick and easy. Also great for Club Penguin and Homestar Runner files, too!


  • Bartender/Bots page
  • Private rooms
  • Tools (kick, turn, move, wave, dance ect.)
  • Furni pages
  • Fix mp3 player (convert to html5)
  • convert that master sprite into images
  • After furni completion, Bot move dB prices to "2.0". 1.0 might be lost but, 2.0 should be noted and re-parameter'd.

Copyright Edit

Coca Cola, if you're reading this: Copyright exists to further the arts. Removing all traces of your game is not furthering arts. This wiki runs under Fair Use and that backup contains property you abandoned. In 24 hours of writing this, I saw 4+ fansites redirect to your own website. Although I won't prove it; I have a feeling you have a history of submitting cease and desists. Have a Coke and a Smile.

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