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Uncover the Music was based off of a simple "match the cards" game. However, this game used a Mayan Temple as the location for the game.


(Partially glitched) backdrop
  1. 2-5 players would gather at the temple, through a separate client. (Could be played if Studios where offline)
  2. The "host" (or first person to join) would decide when to start.
  3. Players would take turns flipping stone tiles (2 at a time/per turn) to attempt to find a match.
  4. If a player got a match of tiles, they would receive an extra turn.
  5. Each match would give you 1 point.
  6. The game would end in only 2 scenarios: If everyone quit/left the game or if all of the tiles would be flipped.


Each player would receive 5 [citation needed] decibels per match found. The person with the most tiles flipped would receive a 500 [citation needed] decible prize.

Defeat abuse

A common problem that occurred is, once a player would win- it was easy for other players to simply leave the game! This would technically cause the winning player to lose.

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