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Trading was available between accounts. Pretty much every item could be traded. However, Decibels could not be directly traded. There is speculation that trading decibels was going to be possible through furni. For example, the final known scripted item "Safe" has a description "Worth 19500dB".

Key words for trading Edit

  • Gum(s) = Gumball Machine
  • Pin(s) = Pinball Machine
  • Deluxe(s) = Deluxe Aquarium
  • Bean = Bean Bag
  • Vanilla(s) = Vanilla Coke Shelf, Table, or Machine
  • CC(s) = Coke Couches (one of the few catalogue items usable as a token of higher trade)

Third-party guides Edit

With a lack of a forum system or value guidance, some third party sites existed to inform the community about values.

YourCoke Edit

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This is a "rare values" list from YourCoke.
This list is is copied verbatim for archival purposes.

April 30, 2006 [1]Edit

Name Value
Golden Record 6-10 Pins Depending On What Record.
Pinball Machine 9 Gums
Diving Suit 3 Pins
Sponge Barrier 2 Pins
Treasure Chest 9 Pins
Molten Magma Lamp 1.25 Pins
Ocean Floor Table 9 Gums
Aquatic Divider 8 Gums
Coral Mood Light 6 Gums
Shark Portal 5 Gums
Cow Bean Bag Chair 2 Gums
Lighthouse Aquarium 3 Gums
Gumball Machine 30 Deluxe or 1 Bean
Vanilla Coke Machine 15 Deluxes or 2 Other Vanillas
Vanilla Coke Table 12 Delxues or Vanilla Coke Shelf or Vanilla Coke Machine
Vanilla Coke Shelf 10 Deluxes or Vanilla Coke Table or Vanilla Coke Machine
Scrap Metal Mat 10 Delxues
Robot Sculpture 6 Deluxes
Recycle Bin 2 Deluxes
Batman Res-O-Scanner 7 Deluxes
Batman Hologram 7 Deluxes
Trash Can 7 Deluxes or Eyeball Lamp
Eyeball Lamp 7 Deluxes or Trash Can
Oyster Couch 3 CCs
Deluxe Aquarium 4 CCs

July 30, 2006 [2]Edit

Name Value
Gear Table 2 Platinum Recs
Tire Chair 15 Pinball Machines
Platinum Record 10 Pinball Machines
Gold Record 6 Pinball Machines
Treasure Chest 9 Pinball Machines
Diving Suit 2 Pinball Machines
Sea Sponge Barrier 2.5 Pinball Machines
Molten Magma Lamp 2 Pinball Machines
Coca-Cola Pinball Machine 9 Gumball Machines
Ocean Floor Table 9 Gumball Machines
Aquatic Divider 9 Gumball Machines
Shark Portal 7 Gumball Machines
Coral Mood Light 4 Gumball Machines
Cow Pattern Bean Bag Chair 2 Gumball Machines
Lighthouse Aquarium 2 Gumball Machines
Vanilla Coke Gumball Machine 30 Deluxe Aquariums
Vanilla Coke Machine 15 Deluxe
Vanilla Coke Shelf 10 Deluxe
Vanilla Coke Table 12 Deluxes
WallShelf 4 Deluxes
Trash Can 7 Deluxes
Scrap Metal Carpet 10 Deluxes
Robot Sculpture 6 Deluxes
Recycling Bin 3 Deluxes
Hologram 7 Deluxes
Res-O-Scanner 7 Deluxes

Mycoke Values Edit

Formerly known as "", Mycoke Values showed value in decibel worth.

Coke Couch icon
This is a "rare values" list from Mycoke Values.
This list is is copied verbatim for archival purposes.

Rares [3] Edit

Name Value
Oyster Couch (Oyster) 7500dB
Red Couch (Red) 10000dB
Deluxe Aquarium (Deluxe) 10000dB
Recycle Bin 60000dB
Trash can (Trash) 70000dB
Eyeball Lamp (Eye) 80000dB
Batman Hologram 90000dB
Robot Sculpture 100000dB
Res-O-Scanner (Scanner) 100000dB
Scrap Metal Carpet (Scrap) 1600000dB
Vanilla Coke Shelf (Vcs) 2000000dB
Vanilla Coke Table 3000000dB
Vanilla coke machine 3500000dB
Cow Bean Bag Chair 3500000dB
Coral Mood Light 4000000dB
Lighthouse Aquarium 4000000dB
Gumball Machine (Gum) 4000000dB
Aquatic Divider 8000000dB
Ocean Floor Table 9000000dB
Shark Portal 9000000dB
Pinball Machine 9000000dB
Molten Magma Lamp 18000000dB
Sea Sponge Barrier 22500000dB
Diving Suit 27000000dB
Treasure Chest 81000000dB
Gold Record (Depending on what record. Records from 1.0 are worth more.) 60000000 -100000000dB

Christmas [4] Edit

Name Value
Christmas Tree 100000dB
Christmas Lights 100000dB
Classic Santa Artwork 100000dB

"New furni" [5] Edit

Name Value
MCR Umbrella Table 7000dB
Transforming Lamp/Robot 12000dB
Submarine Tank Teleporter 15000dB
Convertible Car Couch (Front) 1200dB
Convertible Car Couch (Rear) 1200dB
Message Board 1200dB
Elevator Teleporter 1500dB

References Edit

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