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Furni was released for the Shark Tale promotion. During this era, version 1, Shark Tale, and Coke Studios beta were all 3 options as servers. After the Shark Tale promotion, all furni was transferred to Version 2 of Coke Studios (the successor to "beta").

Shark Portal[]

Deluxe Aquarium[]

Diving Suit[]

Fish Porthole[]

Life Preserver[]

Lighthouse Buoy[]

Oyster Couch[]



This is a test version of above's "Fishy". It was likely used to test posters with an animation.

Lighthouse Aquarium[]

Treasure Chest[]

Promo Poster[]

Ocean Floor Table[]

Aquatic Divider[]

Sea Sponge Barrier[]

Molten Magma Lamp[]

Coral Mood Light[]

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