With these ultra-cool separators that double as bar desks you can arrange your Studio the way you want to!
— Online Catalogue

Separators, commonly referred to as "Sep(s)", were simple 2x1 table furni objects. This line of furni is coded as "Necessities 2" and was located on page 7 of the Online Catalogue. There were 8 colors total. There was never an official red version, despite the game's Coca-Cola theme.

Colors Edit

  •      White
  •      Beige, also known as "Brown"
  •      Grey, also known as "Black"
  •      Yellow
  •      Steel, also known as "Aqua"
  •      Orange
  •      Green
  •      Blue

Furni Edit

Blue Edit

Green Edit

Orange Edit

Steel Edit

Yellow Edit

Grey Edit

Beige Edit

White Edit


Even though the term "Separators" almost always refers to the above furni, other items used the name in their name or code.

The following are coded as [#type: "Separator"]
  • Acoustic Pad (Necessities)
  • Tinted Separator (Necessities)- "Premier Seperator[?] with a Tinted Windows"
  • Corner Piece (Necessities) - "Premier Studio Separator Corner Piece, Connect your separators"
  • Coke Machine (Necessities)
  • Diner Table (Necessities)
  • Vanilla Coke Machine (Rares)
  • Aquatic Divider (Special)
  • DJ Stand (Necessities; MyCokeRewards)
  • DJ Console (Necessities; MyCokeRewards)

Trivia Edit

  • A common bug existed and was exploited to make Separators two colors.
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