With these ultra-cool separators that double as bar desks you can arrange your Studio the way you want to!
— Online Catalogue

Separators, commonly referred to as "Sep(s)", were simple 2x1 table furni objects. This line of furni is coded as "Necessities 2" and was located on page 7 of the Online Catalogue. There were 8 colors total. There was never an official red version, despite the game's Coca-Cola theme.

Colors[edit | edit source]

  •      White
  •      Beige, also known as "Brown"
  •      Grey, also known as "Black"
  •      Yellow
  •      Steel, also known as "Aqua"
  •      Orange
  •      Green
  •      Blue

Furni[edit | edit source]

Blue[edit | edit source]

Green[edit | edit source]

Orange[edit | edit source]

Steel[edit | edit source]

Yellow[edit | edit source]

Grey[edit | edit source]

Beige[edit | edit source]

White[edit | edit source]

Coding[edit | edit source]

Even though the term "Separators" almost always refers to the above furni, other items used the name in their name or code.

The following are coded as [#type: "Separator"]
  • Acoustic Pad (Necessities)
  • Tinted Separator (Necessities)- "Premier Seperator[?] with a Tinted Windows"
  • Corner Piece (Necessities) - "Premier Studio Separator Corner Piece, Connect your separators"
  • Coke Machine (Necessities)
  • Diner Table (Necessities)
  • Vanilla Coke Machine (Rares)
  • Aquatic Divider (Special)
  • DJ Stand (Necessities; MyCokeRewards)
  • DJ Console (Necessities; MyCokeRewards)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A common bug existed and was exploited to make Separators two colors.
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