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The Online Catalogue, also simply known as "Catalog", was the menu used to purchase most furni and the only place to spend Decibels.

Walls and Floors[]

You can customize the way your Studio looks with these wall and floor variations. Be sure to pick matching colors!

Floor 500 dB

Wallpaper 500 dB


Our exclusive furniture provides you with moments of slick heavyweight comfort. Enjoy it while the prices are low!

Premier Light 450 dB

Premier Minibar 500 dB

Premier Stereo 500 dB

Premier Table 950 dB

Premier Coffee Table 450 dB

Premier Sofa 625 dB

Premier Stool 450 dB

Premier Chair 500 dB


The 5001 product range is the closest you'll get to comfort!

5001 Cube Light 600 dB

5001 Minibar 500 dB

5001 Sound System 500 dB

5001 Table 950 dB

5001 Coffee Table 450 dB

5001 Sofa 625 dB

5001 Stool 450 dB

5001 Chair 500 dB

Studio Essentials[]

Authentic-looking fake vintage studio equipment helps you look more professional and gets your creative juices flowing.

Blank CD 50 dB

Retro Speaker 650 dB

TV 575 dB

Cables 50 dB

Microphone 100 dB

Wooden Speaker 450 dB

Sampler Rack 900 dB

Equipment Rack 450 dB


On page 6[]

With this stuff you can really make your Studio breathe and create groovy spaces.

Corner Piece 400 dB

Furry Rug 600 dB

Straw Mat 450 dB

Psychedelic Carpet 450 dB

Tulip 75 dB

Potted Plant 350 dB

Tinted Separator 600 dB

Acoustic Pad 600 dB

On page 7 (Separator colors)[]

With these ultra-cool separators that double as bar desks you can arrange your Studio the way you want to!

Blue Separator 225 dB

Green Separator 225 dB

Orange Separator 225 dB

Steel Separator 225 dB

Yellow Separator 225 dB

Grey Separator 225 dB

Beige Separator 225 dB

White Separator 225 dB

On page 12[]

Dorm room style beats. Makeshift furni for better lounging!

Surf Board 625 dB

Stylish Couch 625 dB

Funky Chair 450 dB

Instant Table 625 dB

Dorm Light 450 dB

Instant Bookshelf 500 dB

Boom Box 450 dB

Old Fridge 450 dB

On page 15[]

Household needs.

Winter View 500 dB

Entertainment Center 500 dB

Fireplace 500 dB

Bookshelf 500 dB

Kitchen Cabinet 500 dB

Kitchen Sink 500 dB

Oven 500 dB

Refrigerator 500 dB

Coke Collection[]

Oodles of authentic Coke items. Come and get a polar bear statue of your own!

Coke Couch 2500 dB

Coca-Cola Neon Sign 2000 dB

Lava Lamp 950 dB

Coke CD Player 450 dB

Polar Bear 800 dB

Coke Cooler 200 dB

Leather Chair 650 dB

Minibar 500 dB

For Walls[]

Add a final touch to your studio decoration with these instruments and posters.

Top 40 Chart 500 dB

Tropical Poster 225 dB

Disco Poster 225 dB

Retro Keyboard 225 dB

Acoustic Foam 225 dB

Trumpet 225 dB

Bass 225 dB

Guitar 225 dB


Shark Tale (furni)[]

American Idol (furni)[]

MyCokeRewards (furni)[]

Game Rewards[]


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