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Necessities is the widest used label on furni. Not only did the Online Catalogue have many pages of "Necessities" but, it was also technically used for most MyCokeRewards furni and the EA Batman Poster, in the code. In total, 94 furni were technically part of this collection (nearly half of the 209 total items). 39 furni were consistently available in the catalog, including the basic teleporter.

Necessities 1 Edit

With this stuff you can really make your Studio breathe and create groovy spaces.

Acoustic Pad Edit

Tinted Separator Edit

Potted Plant Edit

Tulip Edit

Psychedelic Carpet Edit

Straw Mat Edit

Furry Rug Edit

Corner Piece Edit

Necessities 2 Edit

See main article: Separators.
Necessities 2 exclusively contained separators.
Steel Separator

A "steel" separator

Necessities 3 Edit

Dorm room style beats. Makeshift furni for better lounging!

Aquarium Edit

Dance Floor Edit

Teleporter Edit

Futuristic Chair Edit

Leopard Couch Edit

Zebra Couch Edit

Grunge Couch Edit

Messy Table Edit

Necessities 4 Edit

Household needs.

Messy Box Edit

Coke Machine Edit

Jukebox Edit

Diner Seating Edit

Diner Table Edit

Disco Lights Edit

Happy Holidays Poster Edit

Necessities 5 Edit

Old Fridge Edit

Boom Box Edit

Instant Bookshelf Edit

Dorm Light Edit

Instant Table Edit

Funky Chair Edit

Stylish Couch Edit

Surf Board Edit

Necessities 6 Edit

A lot of MyCokeRewards furni was labeled as under "Necessities 6" via game code. See MyCokeRewards (Furni) for those items. This section is used for items available in the Online Catalogue.

Retro TV Edit

Lawn Chair Edit

Black Traffic Light Edit

Spider Web Edit

City View Edit

Beach View Edit

Curtain Edit

Grey Traffic Light Edit

Necessities 7 Edit

Refrigerator Edit

Oven Edit

Kitchen Sink Edit

Kitchen Cabinet Edit

Bookshelf Edit

Fireplace Edit

Entertainment Center Edit

Winter View Edit

Necessities 8 Edit

Heart Poster Edit

Infinite Jukebox Edit

Randomatic Number Podium Edit

Randomatic Number Display Edit

Randomatic Letter Podium Edit

Randomatic Letter Display Edit

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