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The Wiki on MyCoke, Coke Music, and Coke Studios's history!

  • February 2019 This site launched over 8 years ago and sadly, we haven't seen a fully functioning re-creation, yet. Maybe someday. Two main updates:
    • We are now Goodbye, Wikia domain.
    • CokePhase is a thing. Go check it out, if you haven't already! Thank you to them for having this furni file: imgur link.
When this wiki began, I thought 2010 was a long time from the game's closure. Its 2019 (probably even later if you're reading this) and everything is becoming more and more obscure. Anyways, I'm going to go have fun with some .swf files from the Clint files link on the subreddit.
-Dǐll Kevlar (formerly "Imdill3")

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