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My Coke Rewards, previously known as "Under-The-Cap" (during phases one and two), furni involved purchasing real Coca-Cola products and redeeming codes.

Under-The-Cap Makes a Comeback!
We've brought back the Under-The-Cap code program. LOOK FOR CAPS FROM SPECIALLY MARKED VIDEO GAME PROGRAM 20 OZ. COCA-COLA PACKAGES. Each time you enter a cap code, you'll get different amounts of decibels or possibly even unique virtual furniture items that you can't buy in the catalog! Please note that your virtual furniture will be found in your backpack once Coke Studios 2.0 is launched.

First phase Edit


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The first phase of furni were given at random. Along with 1,000 or 5,000 Decibels, a random furni could be obtained per code.

Vanilla Coke Gumball Machine Edit

Cow Pattern Bean Bag Chair Edit

WallShelf [?] Edit

Vanilla Coke Machine Edit

Vanilla Coke Shelf Edit

Trash Can Edit

Vanilla Coke Table Edit

Eyeball Lamp Edit

Second phase Edit

DJ Stand Edit

DJ Console Edit

Robot Dog Edit

Cushion Edit

Dryer Edit

Washer Edit

Victorian Chair Edit

Victorian Table Edit

Third Phase Edit

Arcade Sign Edit

V-Ball Machine Edit

Plasma Lamp Edit

Totem pole 1 Edit

Totem pole 2 Edit

Totem pole 3 Edit

Fortune teller Edit

Path corner Edit

Path cross Edit

Path line Edit

Path tee Edit

Robot lamp Edit

Parasol table Edit

Turn stile Edit

Board Edit

Torch Edit

Darts Edit

Funhouse mirror Edit

Submarine Edit

Fourth Phase (Christmas) Edit

Christmas Tree Edit

Christmas Lights Edit

Santa picture Edit

Fifth phase Edit

White board Edit

Car Front Edit

Car Back Edit

Elevator # Edit

Gym Locker Edit

Stadium seating Edit

Final Four Poster Edit

Backboard and goal Edit

Team wall banner Edit

Pop a basketball Edit

Phase 1 gallery Edit

List of Furni Categories
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