Mark Blottner is an American developer and designer. He was a Coke Studios developer under Studiocom from 2003-2005. He worked on the Mod Tool, Administrator tools, User Interface, Bot (Bartender) scripting, chat, path AI, the Shark Tale and American Idol promotional content, the economy (including purchasing items and storage) and more.[1] In part, Blottner described his work as "client-side development of [a] branded massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) in 6 intense months as member of 4-person team using Director Shockwave and Flash".[2]

In addition to Coke Music, Mark worked with Coca-Cola developing interactive [real life] Coke Machines, known as "Vendotainment".[3]


Note: Many, if not all, of the images below are available on Mark Blottner's website. As these images are important to the game's history, we keep them here as well.

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