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Holding furni in the backpack

"Furni", short for "Furniture", are items that could be placed in a private room. Furni can be purchased form the catalog for decibels and may be stored in the backpack. Some furni can be placed on walls or placed on floors. Wall furni is almost always decoration but has been used to advertise promotional events. Floor furni can be sat on, used to block sections of a room, play music, or even used to obtain Coke.

Rares Edit

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Some furni is very common. Some items, like Wires, are always available in the catalog. Some, like the Virtual Gong or Diving Suit, may be earned through minigames like Recycler or V-Ego San. Some, such as Vanilla Coke Machine were only available for a limited amount of time and wouldn't be obtainable afterwards.

Trading Edit

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Furni can be traded among players. However, Decibels cannot.

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