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MyCoke Font

"Verdana, 10pt bold" was used in various ways in CokeStudios. When rendered in Flash it uses low quality. As in, if its set to "high quality", it causes blurriness. This can be assumed for pretty much anything Shockwave-related on Flash.

Parameter listEdit

List decompiled thanks to JPEXS 11.2.0
  • Font name in tag: Verdana_10pt_st
  • Font copyright: © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  • Is bold: Yes
  • Is italic: No
  • Ascent: 1030
  • Descent: 215
  • Leading: 221


  • Using this font outside of a Shockwave or Flash client will cause too much 'smoothness'. Remember, this is all dead technology we're dealing with.
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